Why Interactive videos ?

The world is a dynamic and ever-changing place, and with change comes opportunity.Customers are now looking for new ways to engage with products and services, and what better way than through video!

And here’s why


When it comes to storytelling and hitting home with emotion, nothing does it better than video.


The ability to interact makes it 32% more memorable compared to non-interactive ads

Builds Brands

What you do and why you do can be perfectly portrayed in a video. while generate
ing rich data about your leads for segmentation, scoring, and tailoring your content.


Interactive video drives deeper engagement, up to 3x more than traditional video. Creating an immersive and tailored experience leads to longer view times, increased interactions, and more social sharing.

What we Offer

With us, your journey to developing the perfect interactive video will be the ultimate creative experience. We take you from consultation to production to analysis and provide you with the best solutions possible.

  • 1 Consultation

    Together we’ll design the solution that brings the best results for your business.

  • 2 Pre-production

    Designs, scripts, storyboards, this is where the magic happens!

  • 3 Production

    Creating a tailored interactive video meeting your expectation and more with a variety of styles and features.

  • 4 Personalization

    Dynamic conversions for a more unique, personalized experience for your viewers.

  • 5 Delivery

    We host the video and we provide CDN (content delivery network) for scalability. The video can be embedded or a standalone link used in web views for social media (Facebook and Instagram ads and Twitter), as an SMS campaign, or on interactive screens.

  • 6 Analysis

    We provide you with a personal dashboard that showcases all the analytics you need,  Each choice point is an opportunity for you to learn about your viewer and collect rich data, thus providing Sharper Insights and Analytics. Using that data, you can adapt your video and strategy in real time.

Interactive Video

Interactive videos give you a plethora of options that will help you get the conversions you need.

  • 1 Interactive layers

    Give viewers the chance to move products around, shuffle requests, and get a feel for what they need in real time.

  • 2 Branching

    Create your own Bandersnatch with clickable hotspots and let your viewers direct the flow and sequence of what they are watching. Give them an adventure!

  • 3 Clickable Links

    When your viewer is fully engaged, that’s where you want the right clickable links to drive them to the end-product

Here’s what an Interactive Video can do for you!

Viewers can pick and choose their journeys, so they’ll be seeing what they want, keeping them even more engaged.

Non-linear storytelling and interaction, meaning you’re capturing viewers’ attention and keeping it!

Create double the conversion rates of passive content.
Generates 5x more page views than static content.

Interactive video delivery a 20% Click-Through rate higher than linear video.
The ability to interact makes videos 32% more memorable.
IT's Time

to interact with your video.